Dropdead jacket, Bershka shorts, no brand tights, h&m sneakers, ‘Quiet’ tshirt from http://deathlyhigh.com

Sushi the cat&mua

Sushi the cat&mua

What I wore today: McQueen shades from pretavoir.co.uk , H&M cardigan and top, Bershka faux leather leggings, mom’s old no brand leather bag, Shelly’s Rangers boots, Pentagram&crystal rings and  hamsa&rainbow quartz necklaces all from hellaholics.com

What I wore to the zoo ♡ pic: Jovana Milovanovic hair: Zoran Cumura Celine sunglasses from shadestation

3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment:Mellow Pink/Shortest review ever: I love this tint because it stays on forever, it’s creamy so it doesn’t dry out my lips and the color is lovely. I recommend this for people with pale skin, since it makes your lips look doll-like. Also one tube will last you a looong time. Here is where I got it: http://www.p2bus.com/ProductDetail.aspx?id=1728

First pic: The tint on white surface, second one(taken by the lovely Jovana Milovanovic) is me wearing it, I put it 4 hours before this pic was taken, yet it stayed pefectly <3 Btw Celine shades are from Shadestation.co.uk

#ootd dress: Burberry from wst.fi Sunglasses: Celine from shadestation.co.uk pic taken by the lovely Jovana Milovanovic

#ootd dress: Burberry from wst.fi Sunglasses: Celine from shadestation.co.uk pic taken by the lovely Jovana Milovanovic

#ootd Unif Hellbound Heels, Beneton overknee socks, H&M Dress, no brand bag; hair: Firzerski Salon Maskat&Manic Panic ph:Violeta Sekulic

ISEHAN Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara Review

What I liked about it:

-Packaging(black and pink are my favorite colors duuh) and there is the crown and the anime girl. It’s very girl and it fits my every purse

-It does what it promises on the box- It makes my eyelashes look like I’m an anime character, very doll-like. I went out few days ago and everyone asked me if I were wearing fake eye lashes. Yes, the mascara made my eyelashes look that long!

-It doesn’t smudge and it’s water proof-I washed my face while I had it on and it didn’t spoil my make up

- It doesn’t come off or get ruined well…but anything! I had it on for 18 hours and it looked as perfect as it did the second I put it on. This is a big plus for me, I like to quality make up, that I don’t have to worry about during the day.

What I didn’t like about it:

It’s perfect. Can’t find any flaws sorry.

Would I buy it again:

Yes yes and yes!!! I couldn’t be more in love with it! And the price is reasonable so I will buy it again when this one dries out. (£15.98 on p2bus.com )

Here is me wearing it:

Where I got it:

Here is the link to the product: http://www.p2bus.com/ProductDetail.aspx?id=1086

This has to be one of the best and cheepest Asian make up/food/stuff store around. Affordable price, great service, fast shipping. I got lots of stuff from there, here is my haul pic, I will post pics with lashes and the lip pigment on instagram and my thoughts on it once I try it. The face masks are to die for and so is the nail/hand cream:)

GIVEAWAY: Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume 60 ml

GIVEAWAY: Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume 60 ml bottle.


Anyone can join this giveaway by doing the mandatory task on Rafflecopter widget below. You can do the bonus tasks to earn more entry points. More entries = more chance to win the prize.
Good luck:)

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This is me with the perfume, taken by Nemanja Taneski. This is my favorite perfume, it’s so mysterious and unusual. That’s why I did the giveaway with Mizspa, so good luck again guys <3


The winner is: https://www.facebook.com/lucijanoslav.andronic  Thank you all 400 people who participated <3

Pic: Nemanja Taneski
Sunglasses: Shadestation (Dior)
Hair: Manic Panic
Ofc it&#8217;s me on the pic:)

Pic: Nemanja Taneski
Sunglasses: Shadestation (Dior)
Hair: Manic Panic
Ofc it’s me on the pic:)