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My Nightly Skin Routine- Since I have really really dry skin I always needed to use lots of cream so that I could wear foundation and that it wouldn’t make my face cakey once I put it on. Also, even if I found a great cream, my skin would get used to it in 2 months or so and it would stop helping me. All until I stared using DrGl skincare. Here is what I use every night: If I wore make up, I take it off with their cleanser/make up remover(First from the left side) that is very mild and makes my skin soft, not irritated like most make up removers. If I didn’t wear make up during the day, I clean the face with their regular cleanser(third to the left)- I rub it gently all over my face, than I take a cotton pad and gently remove the cleanser. Now to the third step- Restore gel mask <3 (my favorite, first to the right). Most apply a thick layer of it on their face and use it as a mask, but since I have dry skin I use it as a moisturizer and I put a thin layer and gently massage it into my face for 3 minutes. Now the last part, I take few drops of Collagen Essence and tap it into my face slowly and than go to sleep. When I wake up my face look radiant and soft. Products can be found on  I would recommend them because it really worked wonders for me.

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Photo: Danilo&amp;Sharon Weddings
Hair: Manic Panic
I like this pic because it&#8217;s so natural. Ofc I am wearing faux fur.

Photo: Danilo&Sharon Weddings

Hair: Manic Panic

I like this pic because it’s so natural. Ofc I am wearing faux fur.

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Latest shoot I did. Do you like it?


Mary Misantropic &amp; Stefan Kokovic by Adam Rakicevic
Hair: Manic Panic

Latest shoot I did. Do you like it?


Mary Misantropic & Stefan Kokovic by Adam Rakicevic

Hair: Manic Panic

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TONYMOLY Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream 30 g review


I took this pic with the cream so that you could see the size of it. Forgive my tired face, I had exams than, so make up and sleep were out of the question :P

I actually wrote this review a month ago, but with all the holiday craziness I forgot to post it. This cream drew my attention because (like all the other TONYMOLY products) looks so yummy and cute. Also the SMELL. Smells delicious, like the sweetest peach ever. Since I already used lots of other products from this company and I was happy with them I decided to try this one too. I got this hand cream too because it is anti aging to so that my mom could use it too. Luckily, I don’t have any wrinkles on my hands or any signs of aging. As I was growing to love this cream and the effect, mom started using it and you could really see the difference, her hands became really soft, less wrinkly and…well I was impressed….She carries it in her purse everywhere she goes now:P I’d say it’s a good idea to get this for your mom for her bday or mother’s day since it’s affordable ( price is 7$).



Ok now onto the review:


Adenosine(anti wrinkle), peach extract(for dry skin, takes care of wrinkles, dry skin and makes skin more elastic), apricot extract(moisturizing, soothing, anti wrinkle), Lycopene

What I like about it:

-Packaging: it’s very hygienic(there is a safe cap) and it can’t spill, not too easy or too hard to open, it’s reusable and fits in my bag, also-too cute >.<

-Smell: smells like a peach, sweet, yet natural, my hands smell like peach for hours after it, and it’s a very pleasant smell, but for those who don’t like skincare with a fragrance this wouldn’t be the best choice.

-Effect: makes my hands soft, it made my mom’s hands less wrinkly as I said, so it really works

-Since the texture is creamy(I like it since it’s not sticky) you don’t need much of the cream for the hands so this could last for months, you don’t need to buy it often.

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